Lava Spark i8 Charging Problem Ways Jumper Solution

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Here is a hardware repairing diagram solution for Lava Spark i8 Charging problem with jumper ways. follow the given hardware repair diagram to solve the Lava Spark i8 Charging problem jumper ways solution.
Here is the solution for Lava Spark i8 ways charging problem. In the image below we have shown how you can fix it via jumper if the charging track in Lava Spark i8 is damaged. First check your charger if the charger is correct but still the issue occurs then open your phone. check charging jack next check voltage at charging pins if voltage right then check charging line ways if you see line damage, then apply the jumper.

Solution Method-

1. First of all check and clean the charging connector 2. then check the voltage on the charging connector pins If that voltage is correct then 3. check the battery & charger If any faulty Replace it 4. If still the problem is not solved then 5. check the charging + - line ways If that found broken any line then apply a jumper 6. see image above.

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