Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Samsung E1200Y Mic Ways Solution

Samsung E1200Y Mic not working ways jumper solution Samsung E1200Y Mic problem ways jumper solution.

This post helps you to repair Samsung E1200Y Mic Problem. Mic is not working Problem. Mic problem Ways Solution And Samsung E1200Y Mic Full Ways Jumper Solution.Samsung E1200Y Mic Jumper Ways Problem Solution.


Here is the solutions for Samsung E1200Y Mic problem ways. In this post is about solutions for how to fix Samsung E1200Y mic problem. So if this phone having the mic problem, then check these line ways. If that found broken any line then make a jumper according to this repairing picture.

Repairing Tips- 1.First clean the components around the mic 2.then check the mic. if faulty it. 3.change it. if still the problem is not solved 4.then check the mic line ways. if that found mic line are broken. 5.then solve this problem by applying the jumper as you can see in the image above.

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