How To Fix Samsung Gt E1081T Charging Ways Problem

How To Fix Samsung Gt E1081T Ways Charging Problem.
Here is the Samsung E1081T Charging repair diagram solution. you will find Samsung E1081T Charging not working hardware solution, Samsung E1081T Charging jumper way solution, Samsung E1081T Charging hardware repair tested solution.


Samsung E1081T charging problem ways jumper solution | Samsung E1081T charging problem ways jumper solution.

Here is the solution for Samsung E1081T charging problem. In the image below we have shown how you can fix it via jumper if the charging track in Samsung E1081T is damaged. First check your charger if the charger is correct but still the issue occurs then open your phone. check charging jack next check voltage at charging pins if voltage right then check red mark line if you see red mark line damage make it jumper.

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