Saturday, October 16, 2021

Karbon K102+ Charging Problem Solution Jumper Ways

How to Karbon not charging Karbon K102+ Charging  solution here

If you are troubled by charging problem in Karbon K102+ then this post can be help for you. In case of charging problem, first check the voltage by putting the charging pin on the charging connector. If voltage is coming still no charging, check the charging track ways. If the charging track is missing, then put a jumper as we have given the diagram in this post, check it.

In this problem, when you plug in the charger, there is no indication in the mobile in any way. 
For this, first of all, try changing the charger and battery. If the problem is not fixed then after that you open the mobile phone.
after opening mobile
Thoroughly clean all components of the charging section with Mobile PCB Cleaner Liquid. After that, check any component of the mobile charging section for faulty, if there is a fault then change it. If all the components are in good condition, then check the charging track, if fault is found in the charging track, then put a jumper on it.

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Karbon K102+ Charging Solution Jumper Problem Ways Charging Not Working

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