Itel It5622 Mic Jumper Ways Solution

Itel It5622 Mic Jumper ways. Itel It5622 Mic not working jumper solution. Itel It5622 Mic ways problem jumper solution. Itel It5622 Mic ways Problem Solution. Solution After disassembling the mobile phone, check the PCB thoroughly. Check for water damage, dust or carbon. After this clean the PCB with a good liquid cleaner. Then after check the problem carefully. If Mic does not work in Itel It5622 then it can often be due to disconnected line, which can make you experience this kind of problem, if faced then you can try this mobile tricks given below.

To solve the problem, the first thing you need to do is replace the Mic. If replacing the Mic, still doesn't solve the problem, After that, with the help of a multimeter, check the readings on the points of the Mic. If the reading is not found in any way, then you can solve the problem by using the diagram solution given in this post.

This is the Itel It5622 Mic Problem diagram solutions. Please study these diagrams very carefully before starting repairs.


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